Data Recovery For Android

What is Android Data Recovery? It a file recovery app for Android devices. The Android Data Recovery design to enable the user to quickly recover data such as contacts, messages, call history, photos. As well as videos, and other documents from all kinds of Android devices. There are some instances the data may lose by accidentally deleting it. There may also an issue with a factory reset or may have tried to flash a ROM or root the device. In a different manner, there is no need to panic for this app works well for all Android OS based phones and tablets.

Key Features

  • Establish multiple data recovery options such as contact recovery, SMS, and call history.
  • Recover lost data from deleting, factory reset, flashing ROM rooting.
  • Recover photos, videos, archives, PDF, Word files or apps.
  • Review before recovery.
  • It needs two connection options, WiFi or USB cable direct to the PC.

Many Android-based phones manufacture that support by Android Data Recovery like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola. This app also assists various kinds of tablet manufacturers, such as Google, Samsung, Asus, and Sony. This app is also compatible with various Android OS, such as Android 2.3, 4.1, 4.3, and Android 4.4 and runs on Windows.

How to recover deleted files in Android

It’s disgusting when you realize you’ve deleted something that was actually important. In today’s technology, cloud-connected world those 1s and 0s are not necessarily gone forever. It can sometimes bring digital files back from the grave if you know how to use a range of Android recovery tools. 

Recover deleted images from Google Photos

For Android user chances are you are using Google photos for your pictures, it comprises an undeleted tool right inside the app from the menu choose Bin. Touch and hold on the picture you want to bring back from digital death, then touch the restore arrow.  Concrete Driveway Fort Lauderdale However, this app will only work if you have a cloud backup switched on and you can only recover images deleted in the last 60 days.

Recover deleted files from Google Drive

There is a possibility to bring back in the same way as you can inside Google Photos- open the app menu. Then, choose Bin from the list, then tap the restore icon. The Google will say files keep for a limited time but aren’t more specific than that. This does seem though that deleted files keep for several months at least.  Concrete Miami is the best way to describe some data recovery jobs

Use DiskDigger to find the files

When the deleted file is the only copy you had, it can turn to a third-party Android data recovery tool for help. DiskDigger’s effective data recovery features can find the lost pictures and let restore them. This targeted on photos but if your device is rooted it can pick up traces of erased videos too. We have A Plus Appliance Repair services 

Use Recuva to Find the files

If there is still no chance of getting back the deleted files, then turning to a desktop application is the next option. They don’t come much better on Recuva as far as free data recovery programs go. Pug the phone into the computer or just take out the memory card and plug this in instead. 

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